RE:FIND [ e ] Vodka Finished in Whiskey Barrel

RE:FIND Distillery [ e ] Vodka, finished in whiskey barrels, doesn’t look like vodka, and doesn’t taste like vodka. It looks like a well-aged rye and it tastes like a rich, full-bodied rye. In talking with Monica Villicana–proprietor of Villicana Winery and RE:FIND Handcrafted Spirits–along with her husband, Alex, [ e ] Vodka is actually finished in rye whiskey barrels and on closer tasting, I picked up some spicy rye notes. It ocurred to me that [ e ] would make a great Manhattan. So, using some top shelf vermouth (La Quintinye Royal Rouge and La Quintinye Extra-Dry in equal parts) I made a Perfect Manhattan–one of my wife’s favorites. It did not disappoint. She said it ranked with the best she ever had (at The Stockade, in Kingston, NY). Me, I love sipping it from a snifter–the rich mouth-feel imparted by the glycerol from the distilled red wine juice gave this little beauty some real hang-time on the palate.p1030437

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