St Urbans-Hof Wiltinger “Alte Reben” Kabinett Feinherb Riesling

Okay, the name of this wine is quite a mouthful–but as it turns out, the wine itself is quite a mouthful. Decoding German wine labels takes a little doing but there is a lot of information packed in there. Wine maker Nik Weis’ “Alte Reben” refers to “old vine”–in this case a very select 22 acre parcel in the cool climate Saar Valley. “Kabinett” denotes a riesling made from grapes picked during the initial harvest–the grapes are ripe, but over-ripe.

A bit drier than most Kabinetts, “Kabinett Feinherb” has lip-smacking acidity balanced by just a bit of residual sugar. The flavors are so rich and lush, it is just hard to put the glass down. This bottle is made for Asian food of almost any kind. At just over 10% abv, Feinherb could also play well at lunch for on a picnic. 18.00

S. Urbans-Hof Wiltinger “Alte Reben” Kabinett Feinherb Riesling, 2015

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