2015 Geyser Peak–Two Great Sauvignon Blancs

Day light savings time starts in about a week, so summer must be just around the corner. Time to ramp up on the Sauvignon Blanc–starting California. 2015 saw a rough year for grape growers, translating into few grapes. The good news for wine drinkers is that the fruit that was produced was of great quality.

Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blancs

s standard Sauvignon Blanc has always been a good value–loaded with all sorts of citrus flavors and nice clean minerality. 12.00

Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc and GP River Ranches Sauvignon Blanc

Geyser Peak River Ranches Sauvignon Blanc kicks it up a couple of notches. Harvested from the prized Russian River Valley, the juice went straight into the stainless steel tanks with some specialty yeast strains–enhancing the aromatics of this little gem. GP River Ranches brings on gooseberry, fig and mint on a finish that goes on and on. Interesting how two wines from the same varietal can produce such uniquely different experiences. Vivi la differance. 22.00

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