Frontera’s New “Midnight” Wines

Frontera is another one of Concha y Toro‘s labels–an entry-level line probably best described as table wines–good, solid everyday quaffing. Frontera has added a new label to line up with Moonlight White (blend) and After Midnight Red (blend). Both wines are night harvest wines (grapes harvested in the cool of the evening–especially in hot climates–tend to retain more fresh fruit flavor and aroma than grapes harvested in the heat of the day.)

Fruit is really what the Moonlight and Midnight wines are all about. Moonlight White is largely Moscato, with a small amount of other whites mixed in for acidity. Moderate sweetness, lots of fruit, and enough tang to keep it from being cloying. PERFECT PICNIC WINE. After Midnight Red (blend) also captures rich fruit–this time from Cabernet and Syrah–with a little merlot thrown in for good measure.

What you get with both of these inexpensive little numbers are fun, slightly sweet fruit bombs–and sometimes that makes a nice change-up. Great party wines because there is always someone who can’t (or isn’t ready for) do dry wines. Oh, and did I mention that they only run about six dollars each?  Drink up.  6.00

After Midnight Red & Moonlight White–blends from Frontera

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