Amarone–Something Special

Amarone (ah-mah-ROH-nay) is one of Italy’s many gifts to the world of wine. A rich, dry red wine made from partially dried grapes (Corvina, Rondinella, and other approved red varietals), Amarone comes from Veneto, in Northeastern Italy.

Amarone is unique because the harvested grapes are allowed to dry on straw mats for four months. During that time the grapes lose about forty percent of their weight—at the same time concentrating their sugars and flavors.

When the grapes are finally pressed and fermented, the wine is aged for three years in large barrels and another year in the bottle before release. It’s a costly, labor-intensive process—it’s also a labor of love.

2013 Tommasi Amarone is classic example amarone at its best. Deep ruby in color, complex on the nose, and intense on the palate, Tommasi Amarone is a delight to the senses. Amarones don’t come cheap, but for real wine lovers it’s about the experience, and this Italian gem would make a great gift or addition to any serious cellar.  80.00

2013 Tommasi Amarone

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