Super Sparklers

Q: What’s better than a bottle of bubbly?   A: FOUR bottles of bubbly.

Pol Roger is a classic true Champagne. Beloved by Winston Churchill and served at the royal wedding of William & Kate, Pol Roger brims with aromas and flavors of vanilla, toast, stone fruits, and honey. Dry, elegant, perfection in a glass. 59.00

Gosset Brut Excellence is another classic Champagne with a tradition going back over 400 years. Gosset uses only the highest quality fruit and no malolactic fermentation. Instead, they rely on extended aging on the lees (the yeast and solid particles collected at the bottom of the barrel.) GBE gets lots of 90pt ratings. Look for pear, honey, and a long creamy finish from this beauty. 49.00

Charles Sparr Cremant Rose is made using the traditional method–it just happens to be produced in the Alsace region rather than the Champagne region. Never mind that–this sparkler is a gem. A rose made with pinot noir, Sparr comes across with crisp citrus and a hint of vanilla. Great bang for the buck. 19.00

Lamberti Prosecco comes from the mountains of Northeast Italy. Lamberti is light (11% abv) and refreshing with its pleasing acidity and hint of residual sugar. Great value from a great little wine.  14.00

Pol Roger NV Champagne, Gosset Brut Excellence NV Champagne, Charles Sparr Cremant Rose, Lamberti Prosecco

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