Two Pinot Grigios–Two Very Different Experiences

Pinot Grigio has been around forever in Europe–it’s a relative newcomer to the USA. But American wine growers didn’t waste anytime figuring out how to make the best of this little varietal (Italians call it Pinot Grigio, the French call it Pinot Gris–it all mean the same: “little gray”) The interesting thing is comparing the distinct differences between Italian Pinot Grigio and American Pinot Grigio.

2016 White Knight Pinot Grigio, from Delle Venezie in Northeastern Italy, displays typical Italian peach and apricot notes and then finishes off with signature European dryness and minerality, 12% ABV.  12.00

2016 MooBuzz Pinot Grigio originates in Paso Robles–a hot climate known for very ripe, sugar-laden fruit (which generally translates into higher ABV). Moobuzz shows plenty of fruit and a touch of sweetness–backed up with a little tartness, 13.5% ABV   17.00

2016 Moobuzz Pinot Grigio & 2016 White Knight Pinot Grigio

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