Alsatian Gewurztraminer–a Little Bit of Heaven

I have long been a sucker for Gewurztraminer–hard to find one I don’t like–and when it comes to Alsatian Gewurztraminer, what’s not to like. These three beauties illustrate the diversity and complexity of the little grape with the big name.

2016 Beck-Hartweg Gewurztraminer comes from a small historic (back to 1590) winery. Expect delicate aromas, a fruity palate, and a clean finish.  20.00

2016 Meyer-Fonne Gewurztraminer is a relative newbie in the business (only three generations). Complex aromas evolve on the palate as ripe fruit and honey notes emerge.  24.00

Barmes Buecher Gewurztraminer Tradition 2012 carries on a long tradition indeed–going back to the 17th century.  Rich, sensuous and intense, Barmes Buecher, makes a big impression with its tangy finish.  31.00

Beck-Hartweg, Barmes Buecher & Meyer-Fonne Gewurztraminers


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