Cannonau di Sardegna from Sella & Mosca and La Kiuva Rouge de Vallee

Every time I taste a wine from Sardinia I ask my myself why I don’t visit them more often. Sella & Mosca’s Cannonau di Sardegna is no exception. BTW, “Cannonau” is the Sardinian designation for Grenache (or “Garnacha” in Spain.) Whatever you call it, expect to be treated to rich red tones in the glass, a hint of violets on the nose is followed by warm, plum flavors on the palate. Put a taste of the Mediterranean in your glass without leaving the country. A deal at about 16.00.

Sella & Mosca Cannonau de Sardegna Reserva 2014

La Kiuva Rouge de Vallee is a blend of Sardinian grapes (largely Nebbiolo). Light ruby color, intense aromas of red fruit and spice, and a dry, tannic finish. The perfect wine for pizza or pasta. Drink like an Italian for 15.00.

La Kiuva Rouge de Vallee

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