Martini Sparklers=Party in a Glass

Just the words “Asti” and “Prosecco” bring to mind bubbly delight. Add the Martini name to the mix and you’ve got yourself a couple of Italian classics.

Martini Collezione Speciale Asti is a sweet Spumante from the Piedmont region of Northeastern Italy–known for its impressive, robust reds–AND its famously fun Asti Spumante. Based on 100% Moscato Blanco, this little Asti Spumante will remind of nothing so much as dessert in a glass. Fun, but light, too, Asti comes in at only 7.5% abv.  25.00

Martini Collezione Speciale Asti Spumante & Prosecco

Matini Collezione Speciale Prosecco originates in the Veneto/Friuli region in Italy’s Northwest–the product of 100% Glera grapes.Aromatic, refreshing and Extra Dry (less dry than “Dry”….I know). In a word, Martini’s Prosecco makes the perfect aperitif..and just 11.5% abv  25.00

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