Barossa Ink Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz

Barossa Ink is term tossed around in the world of Aussie wine. It refers to the rich dark hue so common in Barossa Valley reds. In this case, the Barossa Ink comes courtesy of Grant Burge–a legend in Australian wine making and sage of the Barossa itself. Burge’s 2016 Barossa Ink Shiraz is a classic Oz Shiraz: midnight dark, vibrant with plum, coffee and dark chocolate. Get some: 16.00. 2017 Barossa Ink Cabernet Sauvignon brings in a bit of Merlot, Petite Verdot, and Shiraz to round out the already lush Cab. Prune, raisin, and fig show up–along with fine tannins. A beaut drop: 16.00

Barossa Ink 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon & Barossa Ink 2016 Shiraz

Mellow Reata Chardonnay

2017 Reata Chardonnay comes from Jamieson Ranch Vineyards and award-winning winemaker, Linda Trotta. Sourced from micro climates on the Sonoma Coast, Reata comes across rich and juicy, with layers of aroma and flavor. If you like creamy texture coupled with a clean finish, Reata is your baby. 20.00

2017 Reata Chardonnay

Pick a Pair: Geyser Peaks Sauvignon Blancs

Geyser Peak’s 2018 California Sauvignon Blanc and 2017 Geyser Peak River Ranches Sauvignon Blanc show just how good (and how reasonable) California Sauvignon Blanc can be. Both wines get just a touch of Gewurztraminer–a nice bit of lush fruit to go up against the crisp acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc. River Ranches, sourced from Russian River fruit, brings on an extra layer of mouthwatering juice. 10:00/20.00

2018 Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc & Geyser Peak river Ranches Sauvignon Blanc

Fleurs de Prairie Rosé

Packaged in the classic Provence-style Rosé bottle this little “Wildflower” (translantion) is a thing of beauty. The freshly released 2018 Fleurs de Prairie Rose, shows off with red fruit and refreshing citrus notes. Fresh is good. 22.00

2018 Fleurs de Prairie Rose

Live From New Zealand

…”Live” in the sense that the 2018 Hay Maker Sauvignon Blanc and 2018 Mud House Sauvignon Blanc were hangin’ on the vine less than a year ago. Both Kiwis come from the famed Marlborough region and share similar characteristics: citrus–especially grapefruit, and tropical fruits–especially guava. Nicely balanced, this is a pair of winners–at a great price: Hay Maker 10.00, Mud House 14.00

2018 Hay Maker Sauvignon Blanc & 2018 Mud House Sauvignon Blanc

Landmark Vineyards Standouts

2017 Landmark Vineyards Overlook Chardonnay is sourced from Sonoma County vineyards. Malolactic fermentation yields rich body with flavors of lemon, apple, and some butterscotch/caramel coating the palate. California chardonnay at its best. 25.00

2017 Landmark Vineyards Overlook Pinot Noir shows layers of aroma and flavor: cherry, spice, cola, and strawberry all come together on a sustained finish. Hellofadeal. 25.00

2017 Landmark Vineyards Overlook Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

Hahn SLH Delivers

Paul Clifton, Director of Winemaking at Hahn Family Wines works his magic year after year–and 2017 is no exception.

2017 Hahn SLH (Santa Lucia Highlands) Chardonnay is loaded with tropical fruit flavors enhanced by fermentation on the lees and lots of new French oak…Beautiful Chardonnay. 25.00

2017 Hahn SLH Pinot Noir is flat out one of my favorite Pinots, period. Strawberry, cherry, and raspberry mingle and ride a wave of earth and subtle tannins. 30.00

2017 Hahn SLH Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

Four Virtues Shows its Stuff

Twenty five dollars should get you a pretty good wine, right? When it comes to Four Virtues Pinot Noir and Four Virtues Cabernet Sauvignon, you get more than pretty good. As my daughter said after taking a sip of the Pinot, “Wow Pop, where did you get this?”

Four Virtues 2017 Pinot Noir comes out of Monterey County showing notes of plum, dried fruit and a hint of herb. 25.00

Four Virtues 2016 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon gets some extra umph from time spent in heavily charred new Bourbon barrels. Layers of deep dark fruit backed by caramel and vanilla from the oak. 25.00

Four Virtues Pinot Noir & Cabernet Sauvignon

Pass the Bread & Butter–Rosé

Bread & Butter’s 2018 Rosé sources Napa fruit (grenache-based) that deliver layers of aromas and flavors tending toward strawberry and melon. Love how California Rosés are giving the French a run for their money. Quality and value with your Bread & Butter. 16.00

2018 Bread & Butter

Cedar + Salmon Wines Impress

From the Willamette Valley, to Walla Walla Valley, to Horse Heaven Hills, the Cedar + Salmon labels bring us some tasty treats from the Pacific Northwest:

Cedar + Salmon 2018 Willamette Valley Pinot Gris delivers peach, nectarine, and citrus combined with exotic tropical fruits. 19.00

Cedar + Salmon 2016 Red Blend (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petite Verdot) is sourced from Washington’s Walla Walla Valley. Juicy, jammy, but nicely balanced blend with tons of flavor and body. 25.00

Cedar + Salmon 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon gets its character from Horse Heaven Hills fruit–and it delivers: spices, dark fruit, and chocolate. Crazy value–especially when you consider what Napa cabs are going for these days. 25.00

Cedar + Salmon Chardonnay, Red Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon