Pair from Portugal

Two whites, both from central Portugal, got my attention in a big way this spring. Ready for a change from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, I craved something new and interesting–something tangy and European.

Along came 2018 Fitapreta Branco, a blend of three native Portugese grapes I’d never heard of. Turns out Fitapreta Branco is a traditional blend fermented in stainless steel. The result: a rich bodied wine with bright fruit and refreshing minerality. Just what the doctor ordered for summer. 22.00

2018 Fitapreta Branco

Herdade do Rocim 2017 Mariana Branco White is another Portugese beauty, also from the Alentejano appellation, is light, with nice citrus fruit and plenty of crisp acidity. Well worth a visit. 13.00

2017 Mariana Branca

Justin Time

Justin is a big name in big wines: ISOSCELES and JUSTIFICATION to be precise. But Justin has some other beauties going with its 2018 Justin Sauvignon Blanc and 2018 Justin Rose--both great summer sippers

Justin Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from the diverse Central Coast and features citrus and tropical fruit aromas and flavors. 16.00

Justin Rose is based primarily on Syrah–also Central Coast–and delivers tangy red fruit and crisp apple notes. 20.00

2018 Justin Sauvignon Blanc & 2018 Justin Rose