Passionate Italians…

Passionesentimento is a delightful label featuring a Veneto Bianco and a Veneto Rosso from the well known Famiglia Pasqua.

Passionesentimento Veneto Bianco 2018 is 100% Garganega–a white grape with an important role both in the Veneto area of Italy and Sicily. Generally used to make light, dry wines like Saove, Garganega can also be used to produce sweet, lush whites. Passionesentimento Bianco presents with big aromatics and goes on to deliver mouthwatering stone fruit and citrus flavors. 16.00

Passionesentimento Rosso 2017 combines Merlot, Corvina and Croatina grapes processed in the “appassimento” style: grapes a left to dry on racks for several weeks after harvest–concentrating aromas and flavors. The result: lots of red fruit and spice wrapped in silky tannins. 16.00

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