Spanish Treasure

Spanish wines make me happy–especially the clean, crisp whites and roses of summer. Tired of the same old varietals? Take a look at these:

Vina Real Rosado 2019,
Monopole 2019 ,
Pagos Del Galir Godello 2018

Vina Real Rosado 2019 is a rose blend of Grenache, Tempranillo, and Viura from the famous Rioja region. Floral and fruit aromas waft out of the glass in a preview of coming attractions: peach, apricot, and red fruit. Nuanced and refreshing–and a great deal. 14.00

Monopole 2019 is 100% Viura (also known as Macabeo) is Rioja’s most important white grape. Viura is a varietal with many faces–it can produce wines ranging from dry to sweet–and it is commonly used in Cava–Spain’s handsome national bubbly. Monopole presents itself with smooth, bright flavors of apple and pear and a nice balance between fruit and acidity. Nice change of pace from familiar whites such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. 15.00

Pagos Del Galir Godello 2018 is a thing of beauty from the Northwest of Spain. Godello is big, rich white that varies in profile depending on location but it typically shows some similarity to Chardonnay with its full body, prominent fruit character and backbone of acidity. Perfect for seafood or chicken. 21.00

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