Albarino, Si!

Gotta say, Albarino (All-buh-ree-YO) is not a grape most Americans know–but it is a staple in Europe, especially in its native Spain and Portugal. The flavors remind me of rich Italian Pinot Grigio–but with more body and more tang. Just made for seafood, grilled chicken, paella.

2018 Tangent Albarino, uniquely, comes from the Edna Valley on California’s Central Coast but it is crafted in the traditional style of the Rias Baixas region in Spain: zippy and citrusy–with nice body. Great choice for a dinner party conversation-starter. 17.00

2018 Don Olegario Albarino is actually from the Rias Biaxas region of Spain and it shows: brilliant green and straw color, intense aromas, and wonderful layered complexity so often lacking in white wines. Bring on the shellfish. 18.00

2018 Tangent Albarino & 2018 Don Olegario Albarino

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